jostein_ramse.jpgJostein Ramse is a partner in Advokatfirmaet Føyen AS, a law firm based in Oslo, Norway. Jostein Ramse is in his practice focusing on IT contracts, public procurements, privacy issues and litigations within these professional areas. IT contracts means all kind of procurement contracts, outsourcing contracts, services contracts and technology contracts in general. He assists regarding licensing of software and in verifications processes. He is representing suppliers as well as customers. He assists clients when they decide to use cloud services, either as an end user or when suppliers base their solutions on cloud services. Jostein Ramse is also involved in projects when verifying compliance with privacy legislation is necessary and is assisting clients in all other kinds of privacy questions. He is also assisting in security issues. He is a very experienced lawyer who has worked within all these areas for decades.

The law firm Advokatfirmaet Føyen AS is a specialized firm, specifically within entrepreneur, property, corporate, labour, IT and privacy law. The firm is a middle-sized firm and is focusing on providing its clients with the best possible assistance within these areas and adjoining areas. The firm has a very close co-operation with the Swedish lawfirm Foyen Advokatfirma KB.